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    Dec 2007

    if i was in the Darkbert collab...

    if i was in that Dark bert collab this would have been my ani, but i didn't enter and i thought it was rubbish compared to the other ones but id just like your feed back on how well you think it was thanks.


    By the way im not that good at animating fight's and such and i havent been animating for that long but still enjoy.

    i don't know why it came out so fast
    i realy need to update this...

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    Jul 2007
    well... for one credit whoever made the sticks...

    now, it was choppy, stiff, no easing... no physics... but thats the easy part ^.^

    also, you need to show movement! like...walking/running.

    if you added some of those things to the ani than it would have been quite a lot better.

    well. that's the basics, and good job with it. was good for a new comer.


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    sorry but I dont like it come to my stream and i'll show you easing!
    Flash thread
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    Did you just vomit on your keyboard and decide to post it anyway?

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    Dec 2007
    I really don't have room to talk, but I agree with the others. Could have used some walking, running, and the moves could have been smoother, but it's much better than what I could have done :P


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