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    Feedback Please.

    okay please give me feedback on these.

    this one is a guy who keeps doing all these acrobatic fips over and over again. i am making a extended version.

    http://s260.photobucket.com/albums/ii12 ... lips-1.gif

    this one is horible.

    just look at it because it was basicly my fist try at fighting. its really short.

    http://s260.photobucket.com/albums/ii12 ... Round1.gif

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    Jul 2007
    Well, you need a lot of help on physics, easing, and just about everything. (really, take a look at Bahas tut, it helped me a ton.)
    Just practice some more

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    First work easing, as good as physics sound, and are, you can't have good physics without knowing how to ease.

    Easing follows the lines of this:
    - = space from last frame
    / = new frame

    Then redo, you're trying to make it go fast, then slow.

    Good luck on darkdemon, have a fun time.
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    The parkour-style loop one was a nice idea but you really gotta work on some of the basics.. im not trying to be harsh just trying to help here.

    Firstly you must work on easing -- In real life something cannot just instantly start otu fast it has to get to that speed.. so start out all your movements slow then get fast. Also on the same note something cannot just stop dead (unless its shot i suppose, but movements cant really get shot so lets ignore that point) so slow your movements to a stop this makes your anims look so much better.

    Second you got a real stiffness problem.. you should try moving the joints more.. try to move every joint in every frame when doing movements like that.. even if only by the tiniest bit. When jumping you really need to make him crouch down to get the right amount of power for a big jump like that.. work on moving every joint in every frame and itll look more realistic and less stiff (i've only just recently started doing this, i always forget... dont do that or youll end up like my sniper test.. stif as viagra)

    Thirdly i see some... not much but some choppy-ness.. this is where movements jerk from one to the other.. this means youve spaced it too heavily with not enough easing to cancel out that heavy space.. try to keep things close to the onion skin effect and if you do want to do some "heavy frame spacing" amke sure to ease out of it well.

    Fourth and final point.. physics... make sure you've got your gravity, inertia and spacing worked out properly and make your animation look real (even cartoony style anims still need some physics or it just looks plain stupid and amateur)


    They are the basics after you've got these down try doing effects... the use of blasts, sadows, fading and tremors etc really do add to the animation. Feel lucky that i've spent the time to type this whole thing out


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    uh...look up some tuts for help on the basics. good try tho.
    Flash thread
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    Nov 2007
    nice idaes work 0n easing


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