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    Jun 2007

    Some animations (Will be updated!)

    Rank meh!

    Don't know what I was thinking here lol.

    Wanted to create some running went well :P

    This ones a bit weird anyways!


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    Nov 2006
    I... dont know 0:
    these are tests. first of all, try an actual 'ani,' use what uve learned from these tests and put them into one thing...

    anyway, low-med beginner, as its hard to rank someone on tests only

    the problems with ur anis are very common in all beginners:

    -easing. make movements smooth, go from slow to fast to slow.
    -physics. nothing really i can say because these are tests >.> but from ur bottom ani it seems the guy just appears on the ground again...
    -choppyness. its either firefox is lagging on me, or ur anis are horribly choppy. master turtorial list anyone?

    keep working, though. everyone starts somewhere :]

    btw, the stk with the eye looks retarded. is that any eye? wat is it
    post here, see my pivs, or I WILL SNAP UR NECK OFF AND FEED IT TO GEESE

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    deadakos, you're being a tad harsh there. Maybe let up a little?

    Btw, the eye midget is pivotRJ's main sig. I guess he likes using it.

    Yeah, easing comes first in pivot. Before even learning to move all joints in a frame, you have to learn times to ease and when not to.

    I've already explained it to dozens of people so just check baha's tut, easing section. Otherwise, afterwards learn to move all joints accordingly to physics and dynamics.

    So, yeah, all I can comment on really.
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    i don't really like em. good try tho. keep on tryin
    Flash thread
    Quote Originally Posted by Damon
    Did you just vomit on your keyboard and decide to post it anyway?

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    Dec 2007
    they were all just too noobish (no offence)

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    Oct 2007
    wot the?? im under water )=


    well for a begginer its good
    my frend has been goin on pivot for like
    longet thn me and u and me are better so
    dont fink ur rubish cos ur not

    for my rank id say...med-low beg
    work on easin!ok?


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