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    Sep 2007
    New Castle, PA

    What level do you think I am?

    What level do you think I am?

    Here is my best video.. Probably.


    Please Vote. I'm only 13 so I'm not that great yet. This was like my sixth animation.

    *Sparkle* Smiley Face -> (=
    Balloon ~~~O

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    Aug 2007
    Well i'd say low begginer but you have good ideas.

    Try something called easing it works like this.

    Every one of these[ ] is a frame.
    every one of these - is a bit of movement.
    [ ][-][--][----][--][-][ ]
    That shows movement that starts slow and speeds up and then slows down again that is eased.
    is choppy it lacks easing and smoothness it show that the movement in each frame is the same each time.

    Think of easing as an expotential equation. Like 1 X (2^X) The movement speed goes up each frame. but then goes back down.

    Help Ninja Land grow it's industry!!!

    DD tried to animate!^^^^^^ LOLOLOLOLOLOL


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