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    Some animations (Mine)



    What speed is better?
    I will add more later..
    INTER?? xD almost?
    I will give the piv. file later.. It look CHOPPY like that -.-

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    Second looks like the best frames per second to me. But you need to learn easing instead of fps increasing.

    If you were to ease that leg a tad faster when moving up and keep it going up a little longer and have a fast fall down then it'd look awesome. Otherwise, it sort of gives me that feeling of a lost animation.

    Peh, whatamItalkingbout? We all start somewhere. Try and perfect easing and keep a nice style tho.

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    I think the second one looks the best, not too slow and not too fast either. I liked the animtion, smooth looking and not choppy, but the easing in the hands looked a little stiff. But on the whole that animation was nice to watch. I'll need to see more of your anims to know your true rank, but good job!

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    the second one looks best just lift the leg a bit higher and let if fall down a bit quicker than.
    the rest seems fine allthough i would try something different with the arms doesnt look right to me.
    keep it up though.


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