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    Jul 2007
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    teh_wizard's magic

    Yep, these are my anims! I'll probably be staying in the beginner's section for a while, cuz i keep making lousy, uneditable mistakes in my animations that make them look real bad.

    ok, i got this idea from someone else, but i forget who. ok, so I am going to rate MY animations according to this:

    5 - PWNS!!!

    4 - Awesome!

    3 - Cool

    2 - Not So Good


    lol. you guys can also use the scale to rate mine, but you need to tell me why you rated them like that. (i want to improve!!!!)

    Here are some tests on a new stick i made.

    here is the running test. pretty good, huh? lol. i'd give it something in between 4 and 5,
    because it's really smooth, but it's really short and only a test.

    the walking test. i like it, it's pretty smooth, just kinda weird. i give it a 4

    ok, someone PLEASE!!!!! tell me how to land this!!!!! i'm gonna add trails to make it cooler, but please tell me how to land the second kick! i can't do it! i give it a 3

    New, Recent, whatever
    This Is My Entry For The Kill Me Collab 2 on Pivot_Forum:
    i give it a 4, because is kinda funeh, and blood is kinda good, but punching needs work. !)

    this is my entry for the idiots collab (again on Pivot_Forum):
    I give it a 4, cuz i thought it was pretty good. maybe messed up a little bit on the reaction.

    EDIT: I Gave Up On The Revised Version Of This, Because The Bounce Sucked Even More. And I'm Pretty Mad At Myself Because Whenever I Try To Make A Good Animation, It Never Turns Out Good, No Matter How Much Editing I Do.


    PLEASE DON'T RANK ME ON THIS ANIMATION!!!!!I give it a 3, because the kicking was good, but when it zooms out to show the stickmen, i messed up on the guy (i'll try to edit that in the revised version), i messed up on part of the walking, and, the worst of them all, i COMPLETELY screwed up on the bouncing. I am going to make an edited version, and my main focus will be on that stupid, fish-like bouncing!!!! it was my first time making sticks bounce like that, so whatev.

    This is my entry for my collab, the Default Wins Collab (yep, ya guessed it, on Pivot_Forum):
    http://www.filecram.com/files/Default Wins.gif
    I give it a 4, because other than the horrible punching and the leg bounce thing, i think it was pretty smooth. i think maybe i could add some tremor when the "wins" comes on, but it might be too small to do that. what do you guys think?

    ok, here's my entry for jadog7's (or jayther's, i don't know which) 100th member collab, the kill noob collab (on Pivot_Forum once again):

    i give it a 5, definitely, because i think it's pretty cool, and i like when he starts to run. i kind of messed up on when he trips on the pebble, but i didn't, like, COMPLETELY mess up.

    Here are some tests testing out my new series of sticks, teh TRIANGLEHEADS!!!!
    I like the running the best! btw, the reason i didn't put this in tests was because it was too awesome to put there! anyways, here ya go:

    I give it a 4, cuz it's pretty good, just choppy and unrealistic at some parts.

    this is another punching (and something else ) test i put together:
    4, cuz it's smooth all teh way, but punching is way wierd. just a new style of punching i thought of, tell me what ya think!

    this is testing out Cobra42's running tut:

    just a flip test. credz to darkfox for the link to the tutorial.

    a walking test. This is actually going to be the start of a new animating project that i'll be working on. it's about this guy who's really ugly and everyone makes fun of him, so he goes to see the wise old guru to see if he can solve his problem. anyways, here's the walking test:


    Punching Test:
    Darkness holds lies which are ment to deceive. Light holds the truth which we all shall believe.

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    you should know... i'm looking at you.
    nice but your sig is not teh kind I'd use >.>
    high beginner
    Life is good.Pie is better.
    No one is my bro, K?
    mah clan^

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    thanx, dude! what sig, the one at the top? that's just a base
    Darkness holds lies which are ment to deceive. Light holds the truth which we all shall believe.

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    hmm i will say you are a high beg/low inter


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