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    PF's Thread | Inter?

    Aj's Fricken Awesome Thread
    REMEMBER! Before you comment/vote, read the thread and watch the animations.
    I give courtesy

    6-12-07NEW THREAD! Old one got to many pages, so I made another one. And I know want to be know as Aj untill I get my name changed.

    Some updates-21/11/07-Okay, I have spaced out the animations so that it is easier to see what rating goes to what. Right now, I am giving lots of credit to Bolt. I have been using alot of his Stk. for one reason, they rock. So a big thanks to Bolt. Got all the Stk. from http://www.darkdemon.org/bolt . I have been animating alot, so check for animations daily-weekly. I also added a poll(look below this). And from now on, my animations will be in Piv. form. Thats all for now!

    Reply to this poll in a reply, from now on, ignore the other poll thingy.

    O Med Beginner
    O High Beginner
    O Borderline
    O Low Inter?


    =Really Cool
    =Bad (Don't Rate Me On This)
    =Worst (Don't Rate Me On This)

    Most Recently Made:
    Aj VZ Cluny Preview

    The Aj

    WTF Run

    My Rating:

    Falling Guy(GifGiff Thinks I'm borderline for this)

    My Rating:

    GifGiff Collab
    My Rating:

    Heavy Spacing Test
    My Rating:

    My Rating:

    Wet Floor(Flippy continued)
    My Rating:

    My Rating:

    Ball Monster
    My Rating:

    Kick Test
    My Rating:

    My Rating:

    Back Flip
    My Rating:

    Evil Hoverboard(might continue)
    My Rating:

    Super Randomness2
    My Rating:

    My Rating:

    Short Coursey
    My Rating:

    My Rating: (Do not rate me on this, but rate the ani.)

    Inter Attemp 2
    Mr Rating:

    Inter Attemp 1
    My Rating:

    SPLAT! Owned
    Mr Rating:

    My Rating:

    Talk Test
    My Rating:

    Rat Head Bang
    My Rating:

    Kick Flip Edit
    My Rating:

    Double Kick Flip
    My Rating:

    Flip Kick
    My Rating:

    Flip Kick Piv
    My Rating:

    My Rating:

    The Madness2
    My Rating:

    My Rating:

    Run Test
    My Rating:

    My Rating:

    Flip Collab Entry(PHAIL)
    My Rating

    Playin Wit A Stick
    My Rating:

    Summer Salt
    My Rating:

    Upper Cut
    My Rating:

    My Rating:

    New Sticks Fighting
    My Rating:

    My Rating:

    My Sticks

    Hawk 4.0


    Credit to WAMP for a bunch of stickmen.
    Credit to whose ever stick this is. I just had it in my files, so I used it.
    Credz to where I got the 2 Stk. men I use the most
    Ironman (of Pivot Forum)
    The mag Shooter's Bible for the pic of the PX4 Storm .45
    Sticky Magic
    Credit to Fraz and Nev for reation tut
    Picto For Rat
    Will add more when remember them. If I used one of you Stk. and didn't give credit, tell me and I will.

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    Falling guy is high beg / boarderline, but everything else is like med beg.

    You must keep the standard up, and you will be inters.
    Work on physics, and stiffness...
    Easing would be kul too, cus falling guy was lacking it.


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    Your a stupid dick. 1 month without the internet and now I'm back, you still think your intermediate. No. Fuck off for fuck sake. Plus you keep attention seeking like the fact that when it says "rank?" you put a next to low inter like as if to say "No way am I inter" but then you have a thread name which states that you think you are intermediate. Also wtf?:

    Quote Originally Posted by Pivot Freak
    Falling Guy(GifGiff Thinks I'm borderline for this)
    One persons opinion means nothing. What's more is the fact that it isn't high beginner - borderline. And why did you put I'm borderline for this when for ages you've mean fucking off everyone by saying:

    Lolz i iz bordlin K? dint b st0opi3d v0t meh intre OLOL

    Its not the fact that you think your borderline or intermediate that pisses me off. Its the fact that when you get told you aren't or get any criticism on your work you can't take it and get fucked off then start attention whoring again, like that time when you had the "People who hate me" thing in your signature which will only make people hate you more for fuck sake.

    Overall, fucking grown up you stupid noob!

    Maybe if you do grow up I can respect you a bit more...
    My animations - 4th February, LolPenguin

    Quote Originally Posted by Baha
    Lmfao! Well said xD I love you Dust.

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    World of Mother 3
    High beg, its a tad bit choppy and stiff. also use a little more easing. your almost there!


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