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    Hey,what rank am I?

    I am new,what do you think of this? I am new and wanna know what my rank is....

    But,pivot saves my animation has a IMAGE,not a gif! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    Rank: ?
    Age: ...ITS OVER 9000


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    erm, When u save it
    You must Create a name, under there
    click sumthing 8-|
    then u can choose :
    Pivot file
    Animated GIF
    AVI video
    Separate images

    Choose the Animated GIF
    Then upload that on Photobucket
    and put the link ore sumthing in it,

    lol i now this explanation sux,
    but hey! im dutch, so who cares :P

    EDIT :
    Oh yeah, your rank is still beginner i think, same as me =D
    Becuz u didnt uploaded any vids

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    Credits for the sig goes to "ShowNoFear"

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    Im inside your head, turning you crazy.
    Ill give a better explanation then lol, Save your animation as a .gif shrink frames by 2 and frame delay by 6 then go to imageshack.us find the gif file then upload it, copy and paste the link onto here.


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