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    Nov 2007
    San Diego, Bitch

    ZeCool's Animations

    this is my lil thread. Now edited
    EDIT : rate key
    = Great!
    = good
    = okay
    = i HATE IT
    EDIT : link format
    red = piv
    blue = gif

    My Favorite

    worst backflip in the world.. but i like it. I was watching an episode of teenage mutant ninja turtles (don't ask) and i saw these wu guys. Then i played mortal combat and got inspired by the wu dude (i don't know his name) to make this character. His name is Sunagie and i made the hair idea wuz MINE


    short anim. I don't like this at ALL but other people rank me as high beg for it so FTW! still... anywayz gif raped my colors and made him a darker blue.

    I will post my other animations wen i feel like it.
    and also, plz tell me my rank
    high beginer
    or low interz

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    Nov 2007
    In a shoebox (Quebec)
    Those were pretty good.
    I love the effects on your newest one.
    Although you could have eased it a little bit more.
    You should improve on your physics a little too.
    Very original also. Med - high beginner!

    Curts returned.


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