New ones(After i got rusty)

Im just doing some tests to get back my "skill".

Back Flip - (Copy and paste into adress bar) ... 3671319202

Short fight - (Copy and paste into adress bar) ... 9971830372

Running - (Copy and paste into address bar) ... 8637551446

Old ones (before i got rusty)
Do not pull 2 unfinished (because pivot froze up and corrupted the file <_<) ... orever.gif - The Second in the Do not pull series.

Do not pull - It is about a lever that says Do Not Pull. I think it is most likely my best yet. I am working on part 2 aswell.

Flip test - This is an older animation i made testing how well i could do flips, i think it turned out well,

random bored ness - just somthing random testing a double jointed back defalt, dont mind the running at the end my friend did that <_<.

Coke machine - Credit to Frozen Fire for the coke machine and droidz for the crack... I might make it longer if i feel like it.

Stick Figures

Giant Jaged Sword - Probally my best stk ever, its an awsome sword i made befor my computer crashed for the last few weesk <_< any ways en joy

Stk pack or my best Ok its some of my best wepons, i have made all of them including the fills rate em if you like and stuff um also if you use em give credit. =D