This is a simple tutorial outlying the basic techniques you should use while commenting someones thread.

The Bad

While going through the forums, I see many newcomers making a very big mistake. 1 or 2 word posts, that are meaningless. For instance, I've seen many posts like the ones below

Good anims

The post you gave offers no critique or any real commenting. Now, that post is made even more embarrasing when the following is applied

Good anims
You shouldn't ask for courtesy when you post such a useless comment. Also, avoid one word posts AT ALL COSTS. No one likes a one word post, which is utterly useless.

Also, here's another bad example of how to critique somones anim,

wow, utterly horrible. the easing, spacing, and physics were disgraceful
You should never OVER critique someones anim. This is a very common mistake, and leaves noone satisfied. The maker of the animation will most times be offronted by your comment, and wont pay any attention to the actual criticism, mainly focusing on how rude you had been.

Here's one more mistake that I see often when people are commenting other peoples animations

Wow, just wow. You are SUCH an amazing animator. You're so awesome, I wish I was like you. 4 stars, just stupendous!

No one likes a suck up. You should never just say how awesome someone's anim is, even if you don't have any criticism to give, because the animator will no longer regard you as a competant peer, but as an adolescent who needs to idolize something, and therefore won't take you seriously. This is made more obvious with the courtesy at the end.

The Good

When commenting someones animation, you should always consider some important things. Look at the animation and see how it affects you. Don't focus mainly on mistakes, but see where the animation takes you, through your mind and senses. Sometimes animations don't necessarily need to be well animated to be good (search "pivotmasterDX" on youtube). Pay attention to plot and humor, as well as originality while watching the animation.

Then, think of a way to NICELY critique the animation. If it is, indeed, so horrible that it defies any good criticism, leave the thread IMMEDIATELY. If you can't say anything nice, Don't say anything at all

Here's an example of a decent comment

Cool anim man. Nice and original, and I liked the humor. Work on easing and physics.
That's a good comment. A normal comment, to be sure. There is something wrong with it though, The good nature of the comment is slightly soured by it's downward note. Maybe we should reverse the order?

Your easing and physics were pretty bad. However it was very original
Not really any better. Here's why. The animator doesn't see anything good about that comment when he reads it. It seems that the badness of the easing and physics overpowers the originality, and may feel discouraged. This is not however a bad comment per se, but you might want to avoid posting like this.

I've found the most ideal way to comment is a technique called "The compliment sandwich". Here's how it's done.

Great job man! Loved how original it was. The physics and easing were a bit off though, but the humor was great. Class job!
Here's how the comment works. He immediately sees a positive response. This prepares him for the criticism, which is put in a nice, precise way. He then reads the ending and is reasurred of what he's done right, and also what he needs to work on, without being offronted.

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