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    My Animations: Tell Me How I Am!

    Ok here are some of my animations: Tell me what i rank.

    Punch Test

    Kick Test

    Ball Test

    Pwnage Test

    K so Tell Me What you think!!

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    hey, welcome to DD! Your animations are good, but the could be better. They need easing, which you'll find a very interesting and useful concept that yo will use a lot in the future. Other than that, they need a little foot placement and they're a little stiff, but if you keep animating, that will go away, don't worry. anyway, you have a great pivot future ahead of you! keep animating!

    - *Sheppard Boy*
    Flash thread
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    Did you just vomit on your keyboard and decide to post it anyway?

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    welcome! They were a bit stiff, but that will go away. courtesy means they comment on your anims, you comment on theirs. Have fun! Courtesy?
    Thanks to pivotfreak for sig!

    My Animations

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    your animations are quite good, I'd say med beginner because you need to work on easing and smoothing, but keep having blasts at making animations, read some tutorials and your animations will become better. Your better than some people in the beginners hall but theres huge room for improvement . Courtesy?

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    I say around med beginner, stiffness is your bigg problem but your the best newbie ever since you actually start with the basics and dont go rip sticks off droidz =D i love you <3


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