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    HolyFire's Thread. Total Rustyness.

    Ya as you can guess from the title, i'm uber rusty. You guys haven't seen my animations before i was rusty, cuz i used to be inters. I'm now about High Beg.-Borderline. Heres my newest one trying to break the rust.


    More Coming soon. Just gota work out rustyness.

    Courtsey? Just ask.

    Jinja is the best!! ^^^ She made that yano? So go buy Her a drink.

    Quote Originally Posted by RedBox
    .:HolyFire:.: ya so i hate redbox
    .:HolyFire:.: plus they have crapy movies
    SnowMan: I know!
    SnowMan: they still have saw 3
    SnowMan: rofl
    .:HolyFire:.: lol
    .:HolyFire:.: they had like spiderman 1
    SnowMan: ya lol
    SnowMan: pokemon the mvie
    SnowMan: from 1970
    .:HolyFire:.: lmao
    SnowMan: the infomable disk on creating fire from 25185643978bc

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    Re: HolyFire's Thread. Total Rustyness.

    Hmm... not really rusty. Maybe just pay more attention to your physics and easing. High beginner, like you said yourself.

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    Re: HolyFire's Thread. Total Rustyness.

    yea really not rusty its pretty fluid and such just work on your easing a bit and i think physics are correct. >.>
    keep it up!


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