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    Cashews yummlicious thread!

    Welcome to Cashews Thread!!!!

    I had to delete my brothers anims. He said he wanted to get better before more ppl saw his old ones. so sad... WELL back to my anims! check um out! lol. JK. well now you know why i took my brothers anims off.

    Out of Animators Block!

    Get da lol sword
    Ownage Collab Entree
    Sky Dive (Wit Effects!)
    Blob loop
    Blender PWNS all!
    Practice wit new stick
    New Stick N Run
    Stick Profiles:

    KING!!! (new!)
    Check out the new guy! Okay heres the deal with king: hes the king of noobs and has a everlasting grudge on lil jay (King of boxes) He is eguip with a large crown howing of his powers. his crown and legs are his strongest pionts. his weak spot is his face. he speacializes in long range shots and but is weak in close up combat. If King starts to lose he get always brings out his noob peasents which are super weak. So guess what my next anim will be about?


    Lil jay is the king of hip-hop. He is equip wit a hat and headphones so he can listen to his beats. He is the king of boxes!(i just put dat in) His arm strength isnt great but he has powerful legs.He never backs down from a challenge and will take on any one from a noob to a wu to dark bert(yeah right) His one weakness is his arm. since they aren't very long he struggles with power hits like hay makers. he has a twin that ill post hes profile later. :P :lol:


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    Re: Cashews yummlicious thread!

    the running doesn't really look like running... but it would be a great knee to the face in a fight animation! the rest were great though!


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