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    Hi, Im New and My few pivots

    well, im new here so its really nice that i can get allot of help here
    i would like to show you some of my pivots, and then umm
    you rate them and please give me tips of what i can do better and such.
    i wasted a whole day reading allot of tutorials so i did my best :P and thats quite all i can do right?
    well here they come:

    Course Track (Inspired by some dudes Stick volume #1)

    Door Walk (was messing arround a little)

    Knife Throwing (Throwing tutorial by Nev and that other dude :P

    Some crazy Sword attack (Inspired by Bleach)

    How to hold guns (for myself) please help me on this because i dont know if this is the right way or not?

    well that were em, i did my best on them so (like i said earlier)
    and emm please comment or rate, thank you

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    Re: Hi, Im New and My few pivots

    low-med beg
    i say med beg because your trying to get used to the pyhics and some phyics are added to your animations..
    your animations are really stiff n choppy and not smooth and not eased..
    go to bahas tutrioal and look at easein it will help you alot ..
    choppy your animations like look so nooby no offence choppy is like tht battle you made..
    stiff is when its unsmooth and the sticks don't move in a smooth and nautral way..
    work on them things
    sorry if i offended you

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    Re: Hi, Im New and My few pivots

    well thats okay, i didnt expect much anyway :P
    ill take a look again but for some reason i tought i eased it >.<
    atleast it looks better then those really choppy youtube video's ^^
    but still it was a fair comment and its better u say it like that then u put a whole railroad around the main meaning.
    so ty for being fair and ill check it :P

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    Re: Hi, Im New and My few pivots

    Well I like that you read a lot of tutorials, and the effects are nice too, but you should look at Baha's and Runeth's tutorials to help with stiffness and easing. And yes, guns are held that way =D
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