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Thread: Just posting

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    Just posting

    I know im not the best, but i just felt bored so i posted this (unfinished)

    Plz comment on what i should work on


    The walking looks a bit dodgy (to me) but don't know why. any reasons?

    I know its a very short animation. i am going to continue on it (meaning loads of fights and blood)
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    Re: Just posting

    I couldn't realy tell what you need to improve on because there was only walking and a quick pull, but what i saw looked stiff and Not very smooth.
    The walking looked weird because in 1 frame he moved back and the foot went like from andle to straight not eased there.
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    Re: Just posting

    exclaty what PinkSheep said, you need to post more animation, and some long ones at the most, but the one you posted needs work, the walking is strange, it looks like a forward moonwalk, but beside that, just work on the three important keys for now: In becoming less choppy, and more smoother, also the physics. 2/5
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