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    Sep 2007

    My: Where Should i work on, POST

    I done some stuff by tutorial, mostly's of baha's i readed his text and then made the walking because i need to do it from my head and do my own stylish way instead of copying other people like fraz and nev or Baha..
    so.. i done a few things please check them out and give me some tips if they suck
    and if they dont then just say so

    P.S. i also got a error so.. please check that out too :P

    (click the things below)

    - My nickname with cool letters in a flash
    - Effects Remake from Baha's Tutorial, and yes i made them myself
    - Kick, Please rate this one.
    - Punch, Please rate this one.
    - Pushups, but they dont look so well (arms), What am i doing wrong?
    - How to react on a punch, orginal by Fraz and Nev mini tutorials, i tried to make them myself
    - Running, please rate!
    - Running, but with a sword (dont mind the sword upper half i pasted the sword in later or the run would look stiffish)

    and last pivot but not least..

    - Walking

    and this is the weird error,
    it happens sometimes when i press play it keeps popping up and i cant close it,
    i know how to close it (ctrl+alt+delete) but.. still it stays annoying,
    im using Pivot 3 :P (BETA)

    - Click here for screenshot

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    Dec 2007

    Re: My: Where Should i work on, POST

    the error thing, not sure it happens to me sometimes, but your kick was nice, your punch was choppy; need to work on that, and your punch reaction one was good, but still choppy, you other animation were choppy also, just work on that and you'll definetly be a animator, 3.5/5
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    Feb 2008
    CDOC, Philippines

    Re: My: Where Should i work on, POST

    wow that also happens to you,it happend to me and im using pivot 2.2.5 i think
    all versions have a little bugs on them but i really dont know how to fix it

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    Feb 2008

    Re: My: Where Should i work on, POST

    i liked your reaction animation, so cool the arrows
    and i had to start using pivot 2.2.5 again because pivot 3 has too many
    bugs, and besides that error, sometimes, when i was gonna save some work
    i've been doing, it pops up with some random adress error and it just won't let
    save my .piv ...
    anywho, nice animations
    Even a broken clock is right twice a day
    Im not asking for "Courtesy". I really want to know your opinion.


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