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    Oct 2007
    In your FACE! HA!

    \../ EfFeCt LeVeL \../

    i made this effect, and i didn't kno what rank it is, so... ya
    i kno itz short, don just tell me that.


    credz 2 bert 4 the yellow spikes at teh enz
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    credz to X3lor for the sig

    borderline inter animator

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    Feb 2008
    Yoonii, Dabath

    Re: \../ EfFeCt LeVeL \../

    WOW Holy f**k man that waz epic! The effectz are veteran, to zay the leazt, and the animation itzelf iz definitely interz.
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    Jan 2008
    Go left, left, left, left and you'll be back where you started!

    Re: \../ EfFeCt LeVeL \../

    The effects owned!!!!!!! But the animation itself was out on the timing, the tremors were abit overreacted but other than that it was imense, it was interz worthy but I dunt rekon interz yet cus it was really short, sorry. And try to kepp your animations in one thred, not trying to mini-mod jus saying.
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