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    Feb 2008
    Connecticut, home of the B.P.R.D.

    Dan, Dan, the Pivot man

    Hi. Im here and ive posted for a while but only am starting my thread now. I do pivot, easytoon, endorphin, photofiltre, beneton gif editor, and Paint. I'm busy!
    Please look below and rate. My speciality is stickmaking.
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    What the CIA doesn't want you to see:

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    Re: Dan, Dan, the Pivot man

    The stk's are good for a beginner, but one stk is out of place, so it looks like flesh is growing from the gun :3 Anyways, this section is for animation so post an animation, instead of stks.

    Also, how did you get endorphin? When I downloaded it I had to enter a pin or something, could you provide the link of where you got it from please? Thanks.

    I'll comment on here again once you have uploaded an animation.
    - Sway


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