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Thread: WHAT AM I???!

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    WHAT AM I???!

    hi i would like to know what you rate my because i am new to pivot
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    Re: WHAT AM I???!

    Well, that waz pretty good. However, the frame rate haz ruined it. When you zave az gif, have:
    Frame Delay on 6/100
    Rezize on 1/2
    Merge off
    Pallette on
    Crop on
    Other than that, medium beginner.
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    Re: WHAT AM I???!

    Well, that looked pretty good, but yeah, the frame rate ruined it like agent said, make sure you speed it up abit before you save as gif and then make rame rate 6
    Looked nice what i say, but it is hard to tell Maby just work on easing for now.
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