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    ok some of my tests/ani's rate me

    ani tezt going to work on it(i need suggeztions

    backflip tezt just did

    now eazing/kick/smoothnezz tezt

    here's a sniper test i just tried (thnx 4 sniper droidz :P)



    REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GrRGRRRR

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    Re: ok some of my tests/ani's rate me

    I like the easing, and the first one. I'm new so I don't know how to describe the backflip... It's kinda not right. With the sniper at the end, the realism is good, but the guy firing it? Thats one hell of an ugly stick . Overall, Pretty damn awesome.


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    Re: ok some of my tests/ani's rate me

    Um...... Wow? <---- not the good kind

    The back-flip was bad mainly because I couldn't tell which way the stick was facing. Try some simpler sticks so you can actually see what's going on. Also, try and make some of your own sticks, using only other people's stuff is just lame.

    In the newest one, simply because you have backgrounds and cool sticks doesn't mean it's a good animation, NONE OF THE STICKS MOVED IN THAT!!!

    I did like the default easing test, was pretty cool, made me wanna watch it for 5-10 minutes actually....
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