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    Carybdis's Whirlpool o' Ani's

    After another long hiatus from animating I've come back. I have the attention span of a retarded mouse I swear...


    (Flipping my stick around - Clicky!)


    Running fight with beam (I like a lot)

    Gravity Generator Fight (unfinished)

    Sword Competition that no one completed ani for (unfinished)

    Please don't just say "Ease more", try to point of specific places where I messed up a movement so I can see exactly what you mean, thank you.

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    wait, does it have to be a robot? Cause i drew his kick ass fish monster in school that would totally lick ass.

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    Re: Carybdis's Whirlpool o' Ani's

    Well,I think you have the concept of it all,just,wheres the easing?Im not one to talk but at least a little bit of easing needs,NEEDS.to be in the animation.from what you said in my thread,I can see you get the whole animation standards so apply them to yourself.

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    Re: Carybdis's Whirlpool o' Ani's

    Those animations were pretty good, only in the running thingy, you need to move the back a little bit more, otherwise great!

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    Re: Carybdis's Whirlpool o' Ani's

    Nice anis! Luv the movements.
    However, when you run, you need to bend your backs down a bit more.
    I also liked the beam and fighting.
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