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    Feb 2008

    ok............ RATE MEEE!!!!!!!!

    Ok so i havent posted on DD yet but who cares
    theres a first tim efor everything
    Well here on e of mine, well a few,
    yes i know there low beg [from my point on view] but someone on pivotz.org sed i had real potentiel [two people actualy]
    but i wan tyou to rate me.
    be fair now...
    please.... ok then here they are:
    Remember these are only two of my pivots,
    so far lol.
    Bye Mike
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    Aug 2006
    In front of a camel.

    Re: ok............ RATE MEEE!!!!!!!!

    You asked for a rating, and here it is.

    I'd say you're about med beginner. Keep working on it man, smoothness, stiffness, movements etc.
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    [A R T W O R K] <-- all broken links


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