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    Even more Particle Testing

    It looks just like the blood, but its blue, and is ONLY going straight down.
    The speed got screwed up, so wtvr. Vote for me and see if its better than the blood particles?
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    Re: Even more Particle Testing

    Better, but it looks like your still too fast, to me anyways. And I don't think that any liquid start off like that went they're "shot" out from somewhere.

    So here's a tip: The first part of the blood or whatever thing should be a long or short line but it's solid! Oh wait, look below

    Making blood thing (Stk?)

    1: There's a long or short line that has no holes (or try not to at least). I think the first one should have that "wiggly" look to look more realistic.

    2: They get a bit farther and the 1/3 part (from left to right) Detaches.

    3: Again, more farther away, oh ya by the way, it goes forward slowly so do it the slowest as possible (I'm not talking about fps though). And of course the squirt thing, the back of the stk start to deteriorate and also the on at the front.

    4-6: repeat step 3.

    7-10: At this point You should make little to lots of particles broken up slowly.

    10-12: At this point, you should make particles slowly "evaporate"

    Done! I think.

    I was thinking about a blood pack from Droidz btw.

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    Re: Even more Particle Testing

    i said Eh.And you need to edit your thread don't start a new one.That will be count at spamming for more post.

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    Re: Even more Particle Testing

    it started out a little strange
    click for animations ^^

    major credz to *SB* for sig

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    Re: Even more Particle Testing

    meh, nothin specialer from the last. you didnt even read my tip -.- and heeey this is freetoroam btw, i just realized ur tetris


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