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    plz read help me improve

    i figured since i stinked at the punching stuff, i could give a shot at shooting annys. It turned out i was better look: http://www.filecram.com/files/BTTR.gif i need a good falling tut anyone have one? And give other tips plz. it may look bad but its way better than my fighting anny.

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    Re: plz read help me improve

    Ok dude... Couple o' things.
    1. When the guy with the gun turned from side to side, you just flipped the stickman, which you should NEVER do.

    2.The gun blasts sucked. Bad. Tip: Download the futuristic shotgun pack of Droidz. It has a good gun blast.

    3. When the first guy fell down, first his legs moved, then the body moved, then the arms moved. They should have all moved together.

    4. The bullet dissapeared in mid-air once it left the guy's head. Why did that happen?

    5. When the gun guy hit the ground when he was shot, the blood just came outta nowhere. Also, never use that blood splat off Droidz. NEVER! PLEASE! IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!
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    Re: plz read help me improve

    What you're probably thinking is:

    More frames means more smoothness.

    NOT TRUE. If you are trying to make him fall down, make a frame where he is slightly bent over, then a frame when he's in the middle, then a frame when he's on the ground. It won't turn out good, but it would be better than what you already have.

    Also, use a ground. All you need is a long line.

    Sorry if i am too harsh.

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    Re: plz read help me improve

    Please keep your animations in one thread.
    Your animations are choppy, and stiff, be sure to move everyjoint in every frame, and you need to use easing.
    something like that.
    Good luck.

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    Re: plz read help me improve

    Duplicate thread, locked

    Keep your animations in one thread ffs


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