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Thread: Am I Interz?!

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    Am I Interz?!


    creds to: bert, jon, zae, gouk, me, and a shit load of other people, tell me if i used sumthin of yours and ill fix this

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    Fooking ZaE's mummy!!! :D

    Re: Am I Interz?!

    nah i dont think u are atm!!! listen u should work on ur spacing and ur 3d effect marviolus man i mean simply amazing lolz well anyway since im talkin to u on msn right now......ill be meaner on here than on than on msn hehe!
    well u look maybe highbegg i mean ur effects i like and 3d effect work on it bro and ull get interz no prob if u work on easing ur stiffness looks wah to choppeh well tty on msn and i want that account bish xD

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    Re: Am I Interz?!

    You got some interesting stuff there but nonetheless, you must make your first thread in begginers hall, no matter how good your skills are.

    Topic moved from inters*


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