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    Very First pivot animation

    Once again this is the very first pivot animation, last one i posted was funny( thanks to James and Armageadon for helping me with posting) my friend showed me pivot and were to get the stks. So ya, i didnt use anything besides pivot, so its gona suck.


    It will probley go to fast for you guys to see the dialog, but thats another thing i need to work on.
    Ok lets see if this works

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    Re: Very First pivot animation

    Wow, that was good, brilliant even, for a first ani.
    Yeah, now that you have the very basics down, work on other stuff, list below:

    1. Smoothness: Easily done, basically lower the distance you move the stickman's joints or any objects each frame, to make it look smoother and less rushed.

    2. Easing: This is basically used to add a more realistic feel to your animations. Just start moving the stk a small distance each frame, then a longer distance, then a shorter distance again, for example |-|--|---|----|---|--|-| instead of |--|--|--|--|--|--|--|.

    3. Physics: Basically making the force of gravity look more apparent in your animations, so that it doesn't look like your stickmen float everywhere.

    For a more in depth example of all this stuff look at Baha's Mega Tut (here)

    Work on these and your anis will look waaayy better.

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    Re: Very First pivot animation

    It was choppy, but it's a first, so eh. Work on everything James said. Try making tests for specific movements and effects, also. It helps you get the hang of things. Have fun animating!

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    Re: Very First pivot animation

    dude that's great for a first
    mine sucked lol well to help you out go to tutorials and read bahas it helps alot.
    have fun animating more but i give you some advise....make the pivot smaller and dont tend to use default download or make you own its fun and more original.
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