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    Jun 2008
    On the web... derr

    My 1st pivot animation-- Please watch

    This is my first animation I've ever made...
    Goku vs Vegeta
    Please rate and make suggestions. Thanks
    Updated: Added poll (just wanted to try it out seeing as this is my first post)


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    May 2008

    Re: My 1st pivot animation-- Please watch

    *this goes in the beginner section

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    Re: My 1st pivot animation-- Please watch

    Quote Originally Posted by Acemonkid
    *this goes in the beginner section
    Moved to beginners hall 2.

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    Jun 2008
    wait ... wut ?

    Re: My 1st pivot animation-- Please watch

    nice effects.
    no easing seen.
    very stiff.

    find the tutorial master list and use tutorials.

    oh nearly forgot , try and stay off the dragonballs z animations .

    chow :P
    "click on me for Furon's thread" "click me for Furon's youtube"

    if you want a pivot war click here .
    like hacking? coding ? then go to http://www.fancyurl.com/hackerspeak

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    Apr 2008

    Re: My 1st pivot animation-- Please watch

    Cyber tyrant, i think you are low begginer.

    This is only your first pivot, but that doesn't mean people will just take it easy on you.

    You need to improve on:

    - Easing: There was no easing in this whatsoever. You need to learn more about easing and what it looks like. For a tutorial on easing click here.
    - Stiffness: The animation on the whole was quite stiff and not very smooth. You have to make it smooth to make it look half-decent. For a tutorial on smoothness click here.

    Good things:

    The good thing about your animation is your effects, which was the best bit of your animation and was going on alot in it. I suggest you make your own effects and sticks, but if you did, good for you.

    Overall, i think you have potential, keep it up!

    Ps- Go to darren's ultimate tutorial to get some other tips and tricks which will help you alot.


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