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Thread: whats my Rank?!

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    Fresh Newbie
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    Jun 2008

    whats my Rank?!

    im kinda new to dark demon and pivot so can u tell me my rank?
    here are some of my pivs

    my first try at skating. http://**********.com/img/1214849221.gif

    this is old. http://**********.com/img/1214850005.gif

    my run. http://**********.com/img/1214851249.gif

    just a cool random battle http://**********.com/img/1214851486.gif
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    Jun 2008
    well, don't look behind you, i dont want to see your face when i kill you

    Re: whats my Rank?!

    after watching the first one i thought you wer low low begginer, but after watching the 2 green vs blue fights i think you are medium to high begginer. keep going, you have alot of potential!
    if nobody tries then nobody fails. however, if only 1 person tries and does it badly, he is still the best is he not?

    92% of all teens have moved into rap. if you're on of the 8% who still listen to REAL music, copy this into your signature.

    i heard that if you drop a penny off the empire state building, it could crush a car. So instead of spending all this money on the war in iraq, wouldn't it be easier to just drop 73 cents?

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    Jun 2008
    y would u wanna know stalkers -.~

    Re: whats my Rank?!

    holy crap if that was your FIRST beam test ur are extremely talented


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