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    Jul 2008

    UltimateEvil's animations

    Hi I'm new to this and I just finished reading Phoenix's physics Tutorial and I just started
    Trying to ease so these are my newest ones I'm not starting on motion like running and punching like that yet I am just going to pay attention to my easing until I'm ready to.

    Heres my easing I didn't really put much effort on it.

    Heres a example of a ball dropping. Again I rushed so it didn't look so good.

    I will be updating this thread so don't worry there will be more were that came from

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    Feb 2005

    Re: UltimateEvil's animations

    Not really much to go on as far as animation so far. The balls motions look a little too sudden with not enough easing in the arcs.
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    Jun 2008

    Re: UltimateEvil's animations

    your easing is okay, not good, not great. look up the tuts again. the speed doesn't make sense


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