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Thread: Tokotu's Ani's

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    Tokotu's Ani's

    I've had threads before but they're dead and a long time ago so i made a new one. and plus i think i've gotten alot better than before so heres my most recent animation,
    its a stick fight between me and my friend:

    im not sure which code to do so i'll put both then delete one later


    Its unfinished btw.
    and heres some others i made before.
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    Re: Tokotu's Ani's

    about the fight

    1. where did the sword come from
    and 2. what was the storyline it was a 5 second tiny battle betwwen two people

    good effects and stuff but i'd say med-beginner

    with the training room thing when the guy hit the other guy with that guan-dao nuthin happened
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    Re: Tokotu's Ani's

    Well, I see you have a loose understanding of the basics, but I do see some stiffness when the other guy was punchng, only his upperbody was moving. Also, it needs a bit better easing, the camera pan had barely any. I'd say about med beginner, just work on those things and you'll get better.


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