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    Jun 2008

    My pivots. (High beg attempt)

    I have improved a bit in pivot and I'm posting one of my new animations to see what rank I am.
    I don't think I am high beg yet but just incase.

    http://img71.imageshack.us/img71/4058/u ... llsrn4.gif

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    Apr 2008

    Re: My pivots. (High beg attempt)

    I'm afraid you are a low begginer.

    Things to improve on:

    -You need to work on getting out stiffness in your animation. The main thing that people watch for in animations is to see how smooth your animations are. You need to seriously improve on this, so, for a tutorial on smoothness click here.
    - Easing. This is another thing that people watch for in your animations. In your anmation, where the main guy who does all the fighting, when he jumps and then lands, you made an attempt on easing on his arms, but you failed miserably. I thought that he had something burning under his armpits and he was trying to cool it down, but I realised he was not. So , for a tutorial on easing click here.

    Minor good things:

    - You did seem to get the reactions of the hits spot on, but with some minor adjustments it will look perfect.

    I hope you will improve on these things and you should do well in your pivot career, as I see potential. Keep it up!

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    Jun 2008
    *something funny indicating my location goes here*

    Re: My pivots. (High beg attempt)

    You have very great potential and are very imaginative, i for one can not make as good a fight as one.Work on choppiness, it is you veak side, your anis are very chopy.
    I'm coming back soon. Don't hesitate to shoot self.

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    Jul 2008

    Re: My pivots. (High beg attempt)

    i liked that it was kinda long.
    as said above: work on the 'choppiness'
    One tip to you though:
    When the guy fights all the opponents, he looks very relaxed until he hits them.
    Maybe that is your style, but think about it

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    Jul 2008
    My IQ is 59, next question

    Re: My pivots. (High beg attempt)

    you have good potencial... but i agree with the other's you need to work on the choppieness but its very good..



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