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    Heres some animaitons i made please upgrade me...

    i havent been upgraded, and would realy like to so have a look at these please! [flash]
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    Re: Heres some animaitons i made please upgrade me...

    By "upgraded" do you mean moved up into Intermediates?
    Cause if you do, you have a long way to go.

    First, you need to understand easing. Instead of just moving a figure to that spot, ease him there. The spacing looks something like this:


    In other words, move it a bit, a bit more, and keep making it a bigger space until you want to slow it down.
    Just think of a car speeding up and slowing down.

    Another thing you need to work on is stiffness. Try to move every thing you can in every frame. Don't make him move just his arm, make him take a step, move his other arm, etc.

    And the reactions. When someone is getting punched, make sure the punch actually connects before he flies back, unless he's dodging it.

    Low Beginner

    But good job overall for a beginner. Way better than I was when I first started.

    Keep on truckin.

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    Re: Heres some animaitons i made please upgrade me...

    If you are talking about the Wannabe thing above your avatar, that is the amount of posts you have, not your skill in animation. It is called a RankBar V.I.P.'s and Staff Members can make it look like whatever they want. And the words above it. They are that special.

    I agree with whoever posted above me. You have a long way to go. (Post was mainly meant for the rankbar above your avatar. Telling you about it.)


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