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    gun test 1 from a noobie

    hope u like it PLZ comment
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    Re: gun test 1 from a noobie

    make it al liddle bit longer so the guy actually falls on the floor but cool wel i fink it is lol

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    lol made this if u want 1 sure but they not very gud lol

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    Re: gun test 1 from a noobie

    I think you are low beginner.

    This is a very short animation, and I agree with byte.z when it should be longer, so you can see the guy fall on the floor.

    The sticks
    Good sticks if you made them. I liked the gun best.
    The blood,however, it was not very good due to the fact that you didn't make the animation long enough. The animation should have been finished to get a full comment on it.
    The animation overall
    It was not very good, to be perfectly honest.
    You need to go to darren's ultimate tutorial, which, if you don't know already is in pivot tutorials.
    Easing and smoothness, this is what you need to include in yuor future animations. I hope you improve as I see you have potential. Keep it up!


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