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    my first post?!?!

    This may be my first post but not my first animation. no negative comments please, this is my first time I don't know worth crap on DD.
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    Re: my first post?!?!

    Being a Nintendo fan i must say i liked the Mario reference. Ima say low beginner though. I saw little to no easing, occasional stiffness, and the physics on the bouncing coin were way off. Browse the tutorial section, brush up on the listed aspects and you've got yourself a solid Med Beginner Animation.

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    Re: my first post?!?!

    lol nice, i'd say medium beginner

    i dont really think this is a negative post but here are a couple things you should work on (only absed on that animation)
    physics mainly, like when the guy jumped, and the coin should've fallen faster.
    also add some more animations so i can tell what some of ur more realistic attempts are. when you get better apply easing, when you move start slow, build speed then slow down to a stop at the end. also work on stiffness, moving each joint in each frame, ur pretty good at getting rid of it but theres still a bit

    positives: very creative with the mario stuff, very funny, nice effects with the fading movements, i forget what its called but oh well

    courtesy?, if you dont know what that is... when some1 posts on ur thread its only polite to post on theres, when they say courtesy they would usually have a link in there sig or somewhere in the post, if not you probobaly wouldnt care.

    so yeah courtesy? lol
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    Re: my first post?!?!

    low beginner, no question. sorry its just choppy and uneased and bad physics. courtesey? click my sig


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