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    The Theme For my Pivot Series-Azza-With Sniping,Combat,etc.

    Here is the theme for my NEW Pivot Series which is named after myself,


    Imagine these 2 gif's put together...

    Or if you want to watch it on youtube(but different compaing to this one, and its got music) then go to my youtube site, which is at,

    REMEMBER this:
    ALL sticks and sprites were made by MYSELF, Azza1070, And NO-ONE ELSE!

    What would you rate me through these animations?

    Also, the Azza bit at the end was also made by me, i used LSmaker and Cooltexts.com, and had to insert about 20 sprites into the animation to make that part...

    Also, the spark which goes across the word Azza, is a little be weird, so imagine a real spark doing that....lol
    Hope you like it!
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    Courtesy Please?
    I'll return if you do.
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    Re: The Theme For my Pivot Series-Azza-With Sniping,Combat,etc.

    Mmmm....... A tad bit stiff and uneased, but you've got good ideas. Keep animating!
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    Re: The Theme For my Pivot Series-Azza-With Sniping,Combat,etc.

    You already have one thread here viewtopic.php?f=59&t=44108

    post your animations in that thread, just edit your post clicking on the edit button that is at the bottom right corner.



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