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    New animation coming soon!!!

    Yayyyyyyy!!! i'm working on an animation now, that might be my longest, and it's a sequel to super human rampage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdga9s9BCUw , it is my fav. of my animations, but my super human rampage 2 is my new fav. and either my 1st or second best anim. super human rampage 1 is my best or 2nd best also. Just puting this out there for those who have seen super human rampage and liked it. someone can lock this if they want, cuz this is just to inform peeps of my upcoming anim.

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    Re: New animation coming soon!!!

    Really good but a lot of stiffness and bad easing plus physics were a bit off
    do u speak french?
    Click on the Boxorz For Courtesy =D

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    Re: New animation coming soon!!!

    I think you already know that making multiple threads for your animations isn't allowed.

    viewtopic.php?f=2&t=45358 post your update there.


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