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Thread: Aroset's Pivots

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    Aroset's Pivots

    I know i am not good actually i think i suck compared to these other guys on here so here they are of here it is actually

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    Re: Aroset's Pivots

    Easing... you need to ease when making animations... I saw a whole lot of stiffness too!!
    Easing-you need to focus on easing like this | stand for frame - stands for easing |-|--|---|----|---|--|-| its like a car it speeds up and slows down it doesn't just go from 0 to 90 in 0 seconds and 90 to 0 in 0 seconds it has to slow down first right?
    Stiffness-Stiffness is when you dont move all the joint of the stick in the frame (When the stick is standing you neednt use this)
    Rust-Rust means you dont move the sticks naturally (not making them move realistic)
    Physics- Your ok on physics - Laws of gravity!

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