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    Am I an intermediate?

    Am I an intermediate animator ? If so.. RANK ME UP ALREADY!

    I think i am because i've just joined darkdemon but have been doing pivot for a year now. here is the link for my animation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08SV8rFhTbs .. if anyone knows how to post an ani here on dd plzzz tell me

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    Re: Am I an intermediate?

    Save the animation as a gif, then host it somwewhere like www.imageshack.us or www.filecram.com

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    Re: Am I an intermediate?

    I dont think Your Inter YETT ...

    Work On Everythin .. like smoothness .. easing .. physics all that boring Sh*t
    Then You Can Get on to the Good Stuff ..

    Courtesy ??


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