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    plz rate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i just want to see how people will rate my video i just made some quick pivots and made a video to see how harsh darkdemon rates i will make a another video if u guys say it is horrible (this is a video i made in 5 mins) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKSJ5gRblIg
    do ya like waffleS?!?!?!?!

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    Re: plz rate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    um yer ur pretty good i would say med biggner or low beginner but yer ur better then me but good job

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    Re: plz rate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would say, low beginner, cause its not eased, and extremely stiff, and choppy
    i cant really be bothered explainin all of it, so ill just do easing
    Eased= /-/--/---/---/--/-/
    uneassed= /--/--/--/---/--/--/--/
    /= lol, clicking the next frame button? i think
    -= the spacing of the joints...
    if it still doesnt make sense, try looking at Bahas tut
    I think most ppl prefer if u dont post it on utube....
    here is how u post it on Imageshack.us
    1. save ur anim as a .gif file (hopefully ull know how to do that)
    2. go onto imageshack.us, and click on browse, and find ur file
    3. click the upload button
    4. it will give u links to ur anim, the direct link isnt soo good for forums, the Img one is
    there ya have it! if it still doesnt make sense to you, try Bahas tut
    Read the rules and enjoy ur stay at DD!!!!

    Creds to Mercenery, for the epic pic


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