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Thread: Grimps Thread

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    Grimps Thread

    Hello. Welcome to my thread! Please rate and comment!

    Swat war (just for fun)

    Im new to pivot. Ive made pivot for just about 2 weeks so please comment on what i need to work on.I finally finished a new kinda short pivot animation that i might continue on. What do u guys think about it?

    A Battle (This is my best so far )

    All sticks in my second animation was made by me, but not the beam.

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    Re: Grimps Thread

    for a begginer its good but wtf was all that about? i completely got lost when the bike fell on the guy
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    Re: Grimps Thread

    "Move every in every frame or at least try"

    Plan B - Don't copy and paste the same comment in mulitple threads.

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    Re: Grimps Thread

    Nice anis there for being so new but you need some practise on Easing and physics and a little on movements so go check that in the tutorial section. K?



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