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    May0naise's Animation Thread

    Well title pretty much explains it. I haven't done pivot for awhile, I was never very good either, but I'm starting to get back into it; and i hope i can get better.
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    Re: May0naise's Animation Thread

    You should make an account on imageshack.us and upload your animations there. Then copy the links here. This makes things a little easier. About your animations their good, just stiffness and easing is the problem.

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    Re: May0naise's Animation Thread

    no need image shack... this is free and it works 24/7.. http://pivothost.org/public/ kk? you need to work on easing and stiffness... maybe physics too... i'm sorry but you don't have much animations to rate... but if i were to rate you it would be low-med beginner :\ i would like to see more animations... very creative series by the way xD

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