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    My first spacing itempt

    yeah i misspelled itempt but i just feel like it

    any way i havint animated in a while so i looked at a tut and made this http://i454.photobucket.com/albums/qq26 ... pacing.gif

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    Re: My first spacing itempt

    needs more easing, and its choppy.
    buts its still good for a begginer.
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    Re: My first spacing itempt

    Yeah it didn't really space out well... Try starting off slower than speeding up. Also try to move as many joints possible during each frame. This will get rid of that stiff effect and put in a smooth, fluent effect. Also the red stick that got hit, it should have either gone in the air for a quick second or fallen to the ground faster. The foot placement was pretty bad as well, start off without using backgrounds, use just a black line to start of with so you can see the onion skin, it will help a bunch. Try looking up some tutorials, and work on your animating skills, good job keep it up.



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