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    Mihawk Animations

    [center:1mf7wr2k]Mihawk Animations[/center:1mf7wr2k]

    [center:1mf7wr2k]Super Guy[/center:1mf7wr2k]
    785 Frames XD[/center:1mf7wr2k]

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    Super Guy

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    Re: Mihawk Animations

    Great job man.For 700 + frames its pretty awesome.I don't want to say this but..its a tiny microscopic choppy
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    Re: Mihawk Animations

    785 frames
    well... it's great. but it very stiff. try to move all the joints.
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    Re: Mihawk Animations

    ok im going to give u some epic advice 0.o

    ur animation was very stiff, u need to move every single joint in every single frame... unless it is a black out

    try to focus on basics before u tackle weapons and effects.

    u need to ease more
    This is what you did
    u need to do this

    but congratulations on making a 700+ animation, that is a good achievement to be able to animate that many frames..... my max i think was 350 or something, but good work keep trying hard


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