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    Animations by Cyberanimation

    Anyway Ive been fooling around with pivot for a few days now here are my animations that I feel worthy to be rated, critqued and ranked.

    Stiffness Eliminator/Smoothness Test

    PIV FILE:http://uploaded.pivothost.org/Cyberanimation/kicksmootht2ix.piv[/center:39jyrch9]


    Easing Test

    Blood/Physics Test

    Effects Combo Test
    GIF: http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/g...stestcombo.gif
    PIV: http://uploaded.pivothost.org/Cybera...tcombodxlj.piv

    Flash Step
    Gif Link:http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/g.../Flashstep.gif

    Fight to a run (the hero is on the left XD (I might continue this story)
    Gif link: http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/g.../Fight2run.gif
    PIV: http://uploaded.pivothost.org/Cybera...ht2runezzi.piv

    Another random one Hehe
    Gif Link: http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/g...Randomness.gif
    -Credits to whoever made the swords.

    AN alien crashes flys the kills himself XD
    Gif Link: http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/g...ffan/Alien.gif
    -Credits to NAZARENO for the ship which is actually the HUNTER from Droidz.org

    Run Loop
    Gif Link: http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/g...an/Runloop.gif
    -Credits to Baha's Tutorial

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    Re: Animations by Cyberanimation

    nice, all your animations are pretty entertaining..but u need to work on easing, and stiffness..

    maybe try some simpler moves? and check out the tuts in the tutorial section, like bahas, there really good

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    Re: Animations by Cyberanimation

    well they arent eased and not smooth but watch some tutor and you will get good on pivot
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    Re: Animations by Cyberanimation

    I know my easing sucks, Im working on it using tutorials. But wanting to make awesome stuff quick is making me ignore the basics XD. Anyway added an effects/combo test.

    Thanks for the Tips!

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    Re: Animations by Cyberanimation

    te he he he he i like it when th alien stabs himself really pointless ani funni tho
    yer work on easing and stiffness and the basics. look at baha's tut!
    still overall funni! also the flaSH ONE AT THE TOP PTHE LINKS DONT WORK...
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    Re: Animations by Cyberanimation

    you mean Flash step? It works fine for me.
    Anyway i made a physics/blood test it will be up in 5-10 mins.

    Edit: Did an easing test with a headless base from the base topic (twas in a multi color pack)

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    Re: Animations by Cyberanimation

    Cool layout but your actual animations need some work, first cover choppiness then stiffness then physics and easing which turns out to be part of physics.
    Your animations seem to be at frame rate 7-10 and the movements are big, to get rid of choppiness and make animations look smoother change the frame rate to 17+ and make movement spacing according to the speed.
    When moving a stick make sure you move every joint realistically and make them not shaky or it will look bad.
    When moving a stick realistically then make the spacing like this: |-|--|---|----|------|----|---|--|-|, the - = space and the | = frame. So make it start off slow, speed up then slow down to a stop.
    Other Physics:
    Gravity is important and you have to make sure itís correct, if you watch some of Jonís animation youíll see he uses flying as realistically as possible.
    When a ball hits the ground at and angle like this: \ if it bounces it will bounce at this angle: / which turns out to be the opposite and makes it seem like a V. Another ExampleĒ If a ball hits the ground straight down and bounces it will go straight up unless the ground is on an angle.
    When a ball itís the ground hard enough the ground will crack, break or the ball will flatten, when a bowling ball goes through a wall it will break through and splinters (particles) will fly, when a guy gets punched in the face or kicked in the balls well I think its obvious.
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    Re: Animations by Cyberanimation

    Added Stiffness Eliminator/Smoothness Test

    Anyway been out of time for a few days. I might add on to this one and make it
    be a storyline one.

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    Re: Animations by Cyberanimation

    Very VERY choppy, uve got to ease you animation s to reach fluid ness, also try looking at some movement tutorials in order to make more interesting animations.

    What i meant was you need to ease some what like this |-|--|----|------|----------|-----|-----|--|-

    " - "= a pixel
    " | " = end of frame

    that way your animation flow and don't look like a series of picture

    After youve got the basics down try adding efects and backgrounds, ect.

    So you'll get there i have faith in you, youve just got to take it from the basics =D


    Edited: More clear now?

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    Re: Animations by Cyberanimation

    Work on smoothness, you seem to know how to do some things, but unless something is smooth people are just not going to even watch it.
    I think you'll be good if your smoother and ease.

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