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    Draganball5's Pivot Animations

    Hello and welcome to my first post.

    I am new to Dark Demon and I thought i should show you guys some of my very nubish pivot animations.

    But I need help... How do I put my animations into the post?

    Cos when i click on image it just comes up with some random code. Then I am not sure what to do next

    Please help meh! Im a noob!

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    Re: Draganball5's Pivot Animations

    1.Make your animation

    2.Save it as a .gif

    3.Find a uploading website(I use filefront)

    4.Make a account

    5.upload it

    6.click view file

    7.Right click it and press load in new tab

    8.there should be the animation on its own.

    9.Copy the Adress

    10.Come to DD

    11.New Topic,Paste The Address

    12.Highlight it,Press [img]

    13.Press Submit

    It Should Work!
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