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    Am I better than Beginner?

    Ok. I am hopeing I advance from Beginners. Here is one of my animations that has a flash based blood effect:

    Heres another blood effect, sword :

    I will update this when I think I made a good animation.


    Beginner:November 9.
    Intermediate:Not yet.
    Veterans:Far Away From This.
    Elite:Ages From Now!!!

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    Re: Am I better than Beginner?

    No, your a low beg. sorry but its true, you need to lerarn to ease. this is were ou move him a little, a little more, alittle more, then smaller, then smaller.

    you also need to move evry joint every frame. if you dont your animations will come out very choppy.

    and the blood, you should make it yourself and make it this color not this color.

    also dont use the deafault it makes you look nooby.

    so your a low beg but if you keep practicing and you could become a great animator.

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    Oct 2008

    Re: Am I better than Beginner?

    the newest flash blood is ok still low begginer needs easing and please join this group http://pivotstage.6forum.info/pivot-org ... et-t12.htm

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    Re: Am I better than Beginner?

    NOT EVEN CLOSE MY FRIEND (sorry to be a little harsh) but keep it up ok cause soon you will be better than beginners but only if you keep trying your best



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