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    PivotStik's Pivot's

    This is My thread

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    Oct 2008

    Re: PivotStik's Pivot's

    Thine animation 'twas quite good, but some of the wee things that need fixing, are thine choppiness and stiffness. (now i will lose the insane accent so I can criticize better.) To get rid of your choppiness, you need to make smaller movements in the frames, the stiffness, you can get rid of that by moving EVERY join in EVERY frame, it sounds tedious, but it will make your animation look SO much better. And then there is easing, but you'd better work on your stiffness and choppiness first, if you need any help at all, go to the tutorials section and read baha's tutorial, it will clear anything up for you, keep animating!
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    Nov 2008

    Re: PivotStik's Pivot's

    u got that stickfigure on the right from the website dronez...

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    you will see me in hell.

    Re: PivotStik's Pivot's

    stiff. very very stiff. and uneased. try to move all the joints and ease it :
    not like this :
    it will make your anims look more realistic.
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