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    PCTeacher012's Pivot Animations

    With Onion
    With onion, i suck

    No onion:
    Without Onion
    Without onion, i am a ton better

    What are my ranks for both?
    My setup:
    Operating System:Windows XP
    Anti-Virus: Avira Antivir Free
    Service Pack : SP3
    Anti Spyware : SUPERAntiSpyware
    Web Browser : Firefox 3.5
    Firewall : Windows XP SP2/SP3 Firewall

    Never go easy on a computer, beat it up till you get the information you need, then give it a cookie.


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    Re: PCTeacher012's Pivot Animations

    Erm, your first one didnt load very well...
    but your second did, try looking up Bahas tutorial for easing and movements, it'll improve the hell out of you... try spacing and camera angles after you get movements done.


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