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    K0 animations :D

    Yeah these are my animations, I'm not really new to pivot, but I'm kinda new to trying to be decent at pivot

    My newest

    faster then i expected, but I like it.

    Older animations

    hello gravity

    stupid ball


    Wierd angel

    I'll update this as much as possible

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    Re: K0 animations :D

    really choppy and stiff, check out a couple of tutorials and work on easing.
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    Re: K0 animations :D

    pretty good animations! Your main problem was stiffness and choppiness. Make smaller movements in each frame, and move every joint in every frame, it helps. Once you have those down then easing would need to be worked on. Easing is basically described like a car speeding up, then slowing down. The movements in your animation should start small, then grow larger each frame, but not too big, then when the objects getting ready to stop, make smaller and smaller movements. Keep up the good work!
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    Re: K0 animations :D

    I thought they were okay. You need to work on the stiffness of your animation. Also need to work on easing and physics. I say little bit above low-beginner. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!
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